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Tooth Whitening


Finally! A Way You can Eliminate the Dentist and Save yourself Hundreds of Dollars by dealing Directly with the Dental Lab!

NeonBrite™ Online Orthodontics

UNTIL RECENTLY, customized tooth whitening trays were available to the public only through your dentist.  This was largely due to the level of skill in taking one’s teeth impression, the impression required to cast a model and form customized tooth whitening trays.  Most dentists send their patient's IMPRESSION  trays to dental labs, just like ours, to be cast and molded, & finally customized into form fitting WHITENING trays delivered back to the patient a few days later.  Typically, the cost for upper & lower whitening trays range between $300.00 and $800.00!    The difference between our trays and other trays is that we scallop ours to the gum line of your mouth so that the whitening gel won't be held over your gum tissue and cause irritation, well worth the $159.00 we charge for them.

Teeth Whitening Trays

Today, with the advent of Neon Brite’s Personal Impression at home tooth whitening Kit, it’s possible to take one’s own teeth impression with detailed step by step photo instructions, usually taking less than five minutes for both the upper and lower teeth.  Our kit along with your impressions are then sent via a Postage Paid Envelope to our lab…the same lab local dentists use, yet costing 60-90% less by “skipping” the dentist…eliminating the need for a D.D.S. to fit a pair of Professionally Customized Teeth Whitening Trays.  

Watch the video on our new site www.dental-lab-direct.com to view making your own impressions! 


Who we are and our experience…

NeonBrite’s founder has been in the dental and orthodontic industry for 30+ years and has done dental lab work for over 800 dentists.  His years of work & research for the dental/orthodontic community have yielded the finest process & products found in the market, which dentists and orthodontists today provide to their clients.  In 1997, he earned a U.S. Patent for another dental appliance to prevent snoring.

Our Professional Tooth Whitening System consists of customized whitening trays (made of a thin flexible plastic to fit your teeth exclusively) and three (3) syringes of 22% Carbamide Peroxide tooth whitening-gel.  We construct the whitening trays from YOUR impressions that you make with the impression trays and putty contained in our “kit”, you then ship your teeth impressions back to our lab.  

Again, the difference between our trays and other trays is that we scallop ours to the gum line of your mouth so that the whitening gel won't be held over your gum tissue and cause irritation.  This is extremely important because gum tissue is sensitive to these compounds.

Scalloping Teeth Whitening Trays

Upon receiving your Custom Professional Tooth Whitening Trays, a very small amount of tooth whitening gel from a pre-loaded gel-syringe are placed into them, and then placed over teeth.  The trays are worn for thirty minutes to an hour, depending on sensitivity.

Trays are worn for the first 5 days, then twice a week to maintain desired tooth whitening.  Compare ours versus the dentists versus the OTC (over the counter) type.  You’ll easily see the value of Neon Brite’s products and services.  

Features & Benefits

The uses of Custom Professional Tooth Whitening trays are by far the most comfortable.  The trays are form fitted, not bulky like the type one boils.  They stay in place unlike the over the counter whitening, & can be worn anytime, not specifically at night and provide for a more even whitening of your teeth.

Our Tooth Whitening Gel is a 22% tooth whitener Carbamide Peroxide.  The boil & applicator type is only 3-4 % and must be worn much, much longer for the same desired effect.


Watch the video on our new site www.dental-lab-direct.com to view making your own impressions! 

My name is Robert S. Owen; I'm the managing partner for a new concept in online orthodontics called www.dentallabdirect.com. Dental Lab Direct is the new front-end for a dental lab of 30 years that has serviced over 800 dentists and orthodontists.

Dentists charge anywhere from $300 to $800 dollars for Professional Tooth Whitening, and are doing extremely well at those exorbitant prices.  Our company provides the EXACT same service, but at half the cost, by doing our at-home tooth whitening system. Our service is an excellent alternative to the DENTIST'S CHAIR!

The average is cost is $340, and the dentists charge $400 to $800!  The reason we're able to do this is in the processing.  We’ve done work for over 800 dentists/orthodontists for 30+ years

Because we are a lab we've the capability for other products like Invisible Retainers (see brochure), Bruxism Devices, Snoring Appliances, and Athletic mouth guards (much like professional athletes use)...All for a similar price!  There are other technical superiorities, too many to list...but in by bones, I know we've the BEST on the market!  When you look closely, you'll feel the same way.

Who wouldn't want to buy a tooth whitening system?   


Teeth Whitening FAQs:

How does teeth whitening work? A whitening gel is placed in a custom fitted tray that fits over your teeth. As the active ingredient in the gel, carbamide peroxide, is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel of your teeth and bleaches the colored substances. The structure of the tooth is not changed; only the tooth is made lighter and whiter. Please note: Crowns, Dentures and Bonding will not lighten, as this only works on the natural enamel of your teeth.

What is Carbamide Peroxide and how does it make my teeth white? Carbamide Peroxide is commonly known as "teeth bleaching gel". It is the bleaching gel used by dentists to whiten your teeth. It comes in a variety of strengths, with 16% & 22% strengths being the most common.

Our lab only carries the 22% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, which is a high-viscosity gel that is ideal for those who want extra whitening power for tough stains or faster whitening.

How can I do it myself for only $138.00?   Basically, we'll send you some impression material so you can take an impression of your teeth. The material is a clay-type mold that you press your teeth into. After you take an impression of your teeth, you'll send this material back to our lab in the pre-paid postage envelope that comes with your system. Upon receiving it, our lab will make the custom-fitted teeth trays and immediately mail them back to you. Then you'll apply the 22% carbamide peroxide teeth bleaching gel inside the trays and place the trays over your teeth. You may wear the trays from 2 - 3 hours per day and usually within 5 days, your teeth should lighten anywhere from 7-9 shades lighter.

Are the custom trays the exact same trays used at the dentist office? Yes! Our dental lab specializes in making teeth whitening trays, night guards, invisible retainers, invisible braces, aligners and mouth guards. Dental offices around the world use dental labs like ours to as a source for these appliances. By going direct through our lab, you eliminate dentist fees and save hundreds of dollars - and you get the exact same teeth whitening system they would sell to you.

Vacuum Forming

Why is your product better than other whiteners?
Simply put, other products do not work as effectively. Some over-the-counter trays are not moldable to your teeth and do not hold the gel in the proper position. Many OTC whitening gels are not thick enough to stay in place and will leak out of the tray. Many OTC gels typically have less effective active ingredients or a lower concentration of active ingredients. Many professional dental whitening systems provide a less percentage of carbamide peroxide. We should note that you can whiten your teeth with a lower percentage, but it takes a much longer treatment time in your mouth. Our 35% gel is HIGHLY effective. In short, we offer more effective whitening power for your money than any other system.

Is the whitening process permanent?
Once you reach your desired whitening level, typically within 7-10 days, the whitening should last several years. Of course, by eating different foods and drinking coffees, beverages, wines, etc., your teeth will gradually darken over time. After your initial treatment, we'd recommend doing a touchup every 4-6 months.


What type of guarantee does your lab offer? Simply put, if your teeth doesn't whiten to your expectations, we will refund 100% of your money back, no questions asked!

Dental Whitening Product Comparisons

Type of At-Home Whitening System



Ease of Use

Color Change

22% Custom Professional Whitening Systems




11 Shades

16% Custom Tray
Bleaching Systems

Very Good



9 Shades

Non-moldable Tray
Bleaching Systems




3 Shades

Whitening Strips




2 Shades

Whitening Sprays and
Brush-on Gels




1 Shade

Whitening Toothpastes




1 Shade



·   Look for active ingredient of Carbamide Peroxide, not Hydrogen Peroxide.

·   Ensure that the compound has a Fluoride Ion to strengthen the tooth.

·   Ethical FDA regulated manufacturers produce strengths from 10% to 22%.
(Bleach strengths of 9% or lower are not practical due to low efficacy and slow whitening process i.e., OTC strips, wands, etc.)
(Bleach strengths of 23% or higher are unsafe and may cause extreme sensitivity or be a fraudulent 'garage-brewed' formula.)

·   People with known sensitivities should use for 30 minutes maximum.

·   Compute the amount of gel you receive by checking the size and number of syringes. (Disregard claims about the number of whitening applications since they can be extremely exaggerated.)

·   Look for non-glycerin formula for faster whitening and lower sensitivity.

·   Choose high viscosity (thick and sticky) gel for the fastest whitening.

·   Always make sure product comes with a Money-Back Guarantee.

·   Do not expose to heat and direct sunlight.

·   Do not freeze, but you may refrigerate.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste: Does it Work?

The shelves of every grocery store seem to be filled with teeth whitening kits and teeth whitening toothpaste. Though these pastes are quite expensive then our usual ones but they are much cheaper than professional whitening procedures. Today, an attractive and dazzling smile is what everyone wants. Whether you are a model, a receptionist, an actor or a flight attendant, you need to have a pearly smile to have a pleasing personality. More and more people are opting for professional teeth whitening procedures like bleaching, and the rest are using teeth whitening toothpastes. But the question is, whether these toothpastes can really whiten your teeth as they claim to?

Whitening toothpastes are perfect for people who either smoke or drink red wine, coffee and tea or eat lots of junk foods, as these are the things that stain your teeth and make it yellowish. There are a lot of whitening toothpaste brands available in the market, as the million dollar smile industry is booming. Whitening toothpastes are also advised to be used after you had a treatment for teeth whitening to prevent formation of surface discoloring on your teeth.

Whitening toothpastes are actually toothpastes with a very small concentration of Carbamide Peroxide. It is the main constituent of most of the teeth bleaching systems. They also have mild abrasives that remove some surface stains. Apart from this, some whitening toothpastes also have certain polishing agents and particular chemicals that may be more efficient in fighting against stains than the regular ones. The manufacturers of these toothpastes claim that with sustained and regular use, you will get a whiter set of teeth and a brilliant smile. It is true that whitening toothpastes do lighten your teeth, but the effect might not be as much as you hope. In fact the concentration of carbamide peroxide in such whitening toothpastes is so little that you can not expect them to do much for betterment of appearance of your teeth. However, they are a great way to preserve your whiter smile which you have acquired from dental bleaching.

The makers of these whitening toothpastes also offer you many other features to combat heavy competition. Some offer vivid white teeth while others have freshness and protection against germs. Some claim to make your smile admired by everyone of the opposite sex while others offer rejuvenating effects or long lasting whiteness or tartar protection whitening. And then there are all kinds of flavors! The options are wide and far. It is impossible to choose one toothpaste brand over another and the only way out is to try and experiment as results speak much louder than words. Do not forget to get your dentist’s recommendation before starting with any. Another thing to remember is that your tooth whitening toothpaste should also have fluoride for extra protection against tooth decay.

Though these toothpastes can’t really turn your brown teeth to pearly white but they sure can help you to maintain them in a better way.

Customized Dental Appliance


Finally! A Way You can Eliminate the Dentist and Save yourself Hundreds of Dollars by dealing Directly with the Dental Lab!

NeonBrite™ Online Orthodontics

Research shows that without long-term use of a retainer, teeth show a natural tendency to shift or drift away from their straightened position.  NeonBrite™ announces that 'Invisible' or clear retainers are now available OVER THE INTERNET for $148 (Upper & Lower), for individuals with concern over their teeth “crowding”.  We do this by providing you the putty to create your own teeth impressions, then you send them to our lab for manufacturing...IT'S EASY!  These "Invisible" retainers are made of a thin, clear, durable plastic that snaps into place over the teeth and prevents teeth rotation & migration.  

Clear or Essix Retainers

When using this transparent dental retainer, teeth and gums show through the plastic, unlike the “Hawley” retainer (metal wire & denture plastic).  When one smiles others are not able to see the dental retainer; mouth retainers with the wire across the front teeth are used mostly to keep teeth from shifting, but can also be used to move teeth. Dental night guards are worn at night to protect the teeth. Considerable time and financial investment are at risk if you don't have a retainer AND wear it as your doctor suggests.

NeonBrite™ saves its customers hundreds of dollars by sending them a “Teeth Impression Kit” - for retainers, instead of another "TRIP TO THE DENTIST".  The cost of these clear retainers at a dental office ranges from $250 to $500 and usually includes a full examination.

Our At Home Impression Kit Allows You To “Easily” Take Your Own Teeth Impressions to make Custom Fitted Dental Appliances EXACTLY like the ones found at your Dentist's for a FRACTION of the Price...and all without a trip to his Dental Office!

 NeonBrite™’s invisible retainers do not move teeth; they simply keep teeth in their current position & eliminate further crowding.  By wearing these for just 15-30 minutes per day, it will prevent teeth from rotation or migration.  These clear retainers are made of the same materials that dentists use and manufactured by the same lab as well.

  • Have you lost or broken your retainers?
  • Has one of your front teeth slightly moved?
  • Do you grind your teeth at night?
  • Want your teeth PROFESSIONALLY whitened?
  • Maybe your missing a tooth or have a small gap between your teeth you would like to close?



Teeth Impression Kit

By using our 'Teeth Impression Kit' to make your own impressions, our lab can create you completely customized mouth pieces that will:

  • Keep your teeth from migrating or rotating after wearing braces for years

  • Realign the front six teeth or close a small gap between your teeth

  • Prevent clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth away while sleeping

  • Need a "fake" or temporary tooth in your mouth

  • Want to dazzle them with professionally whitened teeth

Here's how it works:

When you receive your kit, review the steps and instructions first. Then take out 1 set of the YELLOW & BLUE impression material (putty).


Mix the two pieces of putty together for 45 seconds to get one solid color (blue).


When your putty is one solid color, simply roll it and shape it like a finger.  Pick up your tray.


Put the finger shaped putty into the tray, making sure to cover all parts of the tray.


Take the tray and place it over the center of your upper or lower teeth (remember that this putty will harden in under two (2) minutes). Push the tray over your teeth. Hold for four (4) minutes, then remove.


 Send your impressions back to our dental lab using the pre-paid envelope that came with your kit. We make your mouthpiece (s) & send it back to you. As a member of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, you can rest assured knowing you're getting a quality custom made dental appliance!

Each impression kit includes photographs and step-by-step instructions walking you through the entire impression process. Our clients have a 93% success rate in taking accurate impressions of their teeth the first time around.


Who we are and our experience… 

Dental Lab Direct’s founder has been in the dental and orthodontic industry for 30+ years and has done dental lab work for HUNDREDS of dentists & orthodontists all over the United States. His years of work & research for the dental/orthodontic community has yielded the finest process & products available. In 1997, he earned a U.S. Patent for another dental appliance “sports mouthpiece” that can be used to prevent snoring.

My name is Robert S. Owen; I'm the managing partner for Dental Lab Direct, the web portion of a 30 year old lab that has serviced over 800 dentists & orthodontists. Until recently, customized dental appliances were available to the public only through your dentist. This was largely due to the level of skill in taking one’s teeth impression, the impression required to cast a model and create customized trays. Most dentists send teeth IMPRESSIONS to dental labs to be cast, molded, & customized into form fitting oral appliances delivered back to the patient a few weeks later. Typically, the cost for upper & lower whitening trays range between $300.00 and $800.00!

Today, with the advent of our Personal Impression Kit, it’s possible to take your own teeth impression usually taking less than five minutes for both the upper and lower teeth. Just drop the kit along with your impressions in the mail to our lab…the same lab dentists & orthodontists use, yet costing 60-90% less by “skipping the trip ”…eliminating the need for a D.D.S. to fit a pair of Professional Customized Tooth Whitening Trays, Invisible Retainers, Night Guards, or even Invisible Braces! All you have to provide us is your teeth impression...


Hawley Retainer

When you've completed the moving part of your treatment, you're ready for the holding part! The next few months will be a critical part of your treatment! Your Invisible OR 'Hawley' Retainer is designed to hold your teeth in their corrected position until the bone surrounding the roots of the moved teeth "fill in" and make them "solid." If we do not retain (or hold) following orthodontic tooth movement, the teeth will move back to their old positions and all that time wearing braces would be wasted. 


If your retainer is going to do the job, here are the things you must do: 

Wear your retainer as instructed! 

Lifetime: As an insurance policy it is recommended to wear your retainer at night indefinitely (or more importantly as your doctor instructs). Simply use your retainer as a template and try it in. If it feels tight, wear it for the night. 

Remove your retainer from the back hook - not from the front. 

Take care of your retainers: Clean with soap, water and Q-Tips. Efferdent® works fine, too. Don't brush the appliance with toothpaste; it dulls the brilliance. Keep them away from pets - they love to chew on them. Don't use hot water or place near hot surfaces; this can distort the shape of your retainer. You may remove your retainer while swimming in a lake or ocean. 

No flipping: Avoid flipping the retainer with your tongue or chewing on your retainer. This can cause damage to your teeth and retainer. 

NEVER wrap the retainer in a napkin or tissue, as they may be thrown away. Always store the retainer in its case (not your pocket). 

Speech: You may notice a difference in your speech at first. However, in 2 or 3 days, your speech will become normal. The plastic taste of the new appliance will soon disappear. 
Return to your family dentist for an examination and cleaning. 

Keep your appointments: You will have fewer office visits but checking your retainer is still very important. Always remember to bring your retainer to every appointment. 

If you lose or break a retainer, please call us immediately. The teeth will move if the retainers are not worn as instructed. Additional charges will be made for lost or broken retainers, or a retainer that does not fit because of insufficient wear or negligence. 

Hawley Retainer


Retainers After Braces

Purpose: The dental retainers are important to hold the teeth after braces are removed. New bone and supporting fibers of the teeth are being completed for the new tooth positions.

Time of Use: Mouth retainers are usually worn until eruption of the permanent teeth makes wearing a mouth retainer difficult. You will start with full time wear and phase slowly into night time wear as a dental night guard. Experiencing tightness when placing the retainers after leaving them out for a period of time is an indication of how often you need to wear the retainers.

Care: To keep your dental retainers fresh and clean, scrub them before putting them in their case. Use warm or cool water and soap. Hot water will warp the retainers. Limit the soaking time to 15 minutes if you choose to use Efferdent. We have found that over time Efferdent weakens the solder joints. Brushing with Listerine will decrease bacteria and give your retainer a fresh taste.

Adapting: Most people get used to mouth retainers within a day or two. At first there may be a new plastic taste and you may have extra saliva in your mouth. Reading aloud the first day will help your speech adapt. The habit of flipping a dental retainer in and out with your tongue will loosen the dental retainer and may break the wires and/or plastic.

Visits: Upon completion of early phase orthodontic treatment, you will be checked periodically with visits to the dentist. Bring the dental retainer to your visits. If the dental retainer does not fit or if there is any tissue soreness, call us for an appointment as soon as possible.

Breakage/Loss: The common habit of flipping the retainers in and out with your tongue will make it become loose and can introduce stresses in the plastic or wires which will result in breakage. 

Relapse: Failure to use dental retainers regularly may result in unfavorable tooth movement. If brought to your dentist's attention early it may be corrected with another retainer. If not caught early, retreatment with braces may be necessary.


I wore braces from the age of 14 until I was 17, and by the time I had entered college, had all but forgotten what my retainer looked like...by the time I was 26, my teeth were a train wreck again, which really disappointed my parents considering the investment they had made in my teeth. Fortunately, I learned about these 'Invisible' Aligners called Clear-Aligner®s and was able to get my teeth back in alignment in just a few weeks time. Today, all I have to do is wear my 'Invisible' Retainer or TranspaRetainer for around 30 minutes per day and I won't have to worry about my teeth rotating or migrating anymore.

Around that same time, I noticed that all of the coffee, tea, and red wine I had consumed in college had made my teeth a little less than white, but never seemed to have a disposable $500 to hand over to the dentist for the professional whitening trays he offered to sell me at every visit. Again, after learning about getting them from the Dental Lab, I have in effect straightened, whitened & started wearing my retainer again all for about the cost my dentist wanted to charge me for the teeth whitening alone! AMAZING! So, I immediately realized the benefit of dealing directly with our dental lab, I mean, the cost of Invisalign through a dentist is $5,000.00 at a minimum. I had achieved the same results at 1/10th the cost!

Clear or Essix Retainers


Now... You've Just Gone Through the Exact Same Process Thousands of Dentists Go Through Every Day and Saved Yourself Hundreds of Dollars (maybe even Thousands!) The process is the same for all of our products.